Commodity trading is now very popular, investing in commodities provides an economical avenue to earn good returns over a span of time or even hedge yourself against shocks, mainly  in assets such as gold. Commodity trading in India is done on the MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange of India) free tips mcx.


There are two major types of participants who participate in Equity Tips Provider in Indore for trading in India, first is Hedgers and these are users of the commodity in question & are trying to lock in a profit at a specified price. Let us Speculatort these are people who take positions opposite the Hedgers, unlike hedgers, their aim is to make money from market fluctuations. They buy or sell in commodity futures without owning the underlying (asset) & aim to magnify gains using leverage or margins.Traders can trade a wide variety of Commodities in India, including Agricultural Commodities, Energy and Metals products. Metals include precious metals like Gold & Silveras while Energy Products include Crude Oil & Natural Gas all this can be covered in best bank nifty tips provider company .

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