Commodity includes all kinds of goods. A commodity market is a physical and a virtual marketplace for buying and selling and trading raw and primary products. Every kind of movable property other than actionable claims, money , and securities. The Commodity market is global in nature,hence less risk of manipulation. Commodities are split into two parts-Soft commodities and Hard commodities. Soft Commodities have agricultural products like wheat, coffee, corn ,and sugar, whereas Hard commodities have typically natural resources such as gold , silver,rubber and crude oil. Commodity Market has their presence in the country for over 120 years. Some Investors Trade only in Gold and they want best gold Tips service Provider India or commodity tips provider. Trade in commodities has been unorganized in regional markets & Local Mendes.Trading In futures contracts has been permitted in over 120 commodities. Physical commodity market size in India is estimated to be around 25 lakh crore per annum. Historically Commodities have outperformed the stock market.


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